IntoIT is a ‘people networking’ group which seeks to link enthusiasts and professionals with an interest in technology, entrepreneurship and business in the Far South Coast, NSW.

Key Points about IntoIT :

  • It seeks long-term outcome – the goal being to improve economic outcomes for the region over a 20 year period
  • As a measurable goal (KPI) IntoIT is working towards the creation of 1000 tech-sector jobs for the Bega Valley coastal region by 2030.
  • IntoIT’s near exclusive focus is on skills, particularly in mastery of digital technology, and jobs.
  • IntoIT is entirely Non-profit. lighthouse
  • IntoIT is auspiced by the Lighthouse Innovation group in Canberra which assists in the oversight of governance matters and financial propriety.
  • IntoIT does not currently receive ongoing financial assistance (e.g. grant-funding) or any other form of  support from Government or Industry Representative Group. IntoIT on occasion seeks grant funding for one-off events or capital expenditure outlays.
  • It is run by volunteerscows
  • Much IntoIT activity is held at the CoWS Near The Coast Digital Co-Working Space at 209 Carp St, Bega.

Origins of IntoIT

The group was founded by Liam O’Duibhir (SoccerFit) and Karl Auer (Nullarbor Consulting, IPV6Now) in December 2010 and has grown steadily since then. The group was named by Lis Shelley (Nullarbor Consulting).

Online Discussion Forum

A Google Group ( has been the central point of communication since the start of activities, but more recently, this website, and it’s blog facility in particular, have become increasingly popular.


The original work on the website was done by Liam O’Duibhir, but more recently, Darryl Butler (Itchybrain) has boosted the aesthetic appeal of the site significantly. Other Credits include :-

  • All our bloggers
  • Patrick Wood – provider of some great photographs of the region
  • Amanda Dalziel for the events plugins work, general content updates, and ongoing voluntary work on behalf of IntoIT

Please Contact Us for more information.

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