Bilby/IntoIT School Leavers Program – Feb 2014

Post by Chris Bilby (Director of Bilby)

NOTE : This event was originally scheduled to take place in Dec 2013 but has now been reschduled for late February 2014

Are you a digital native? Familiar with using computers and know a range of software from Microsoft Office to web services like eBay, Facebook and YouTube?

Are you looking for a job on the Sapphire Coast where you will work as part of a team demanding high levels of excellence and be constantly learning new skills?

Then we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply to become part of our School Leavers intake program. The program is designed to offer you training in a range of skills (some of which you may already have, but will be further developed by people who use these skills, in the real world, every day)

Sessions will cover:

  • Website maintenance and content creation
  • Order Processing and Fulfilment
  • Offering high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Web Marketing and Social Media
  • Customer Service

Sessions will be offered several part days each week at venues in and around Bega, so you will need to have some access to transport (car pooling is encouraged)

Some sessions will involve hands-on live exercises.
No payment will be made, but then training to participants is also provided free. 

At the end of the program, participating companies will run detailed interviews with applicants they believe may be suitable for positions within their companies starting in January.

Details of the Workshops can be found on the flyer here

All applications are to be submitted online via the BilbyCNC website here

To contact Bilby please use

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