We hope to add more info to this page as the weekend progresses…PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS ON ITEMS YOU MAY WANT!!!

BIG TIP  – Ask to join ‘Talking Code’, our Basecamp coding discussion group

Email me (Liam) and ask to join – admin@intoitsapphirecoast.com

And if you have a question during GDJ….while observing reasonable etiquette….just shoot it out to Talking Code, and someone may kindly give you an answer!!!

Mentors at Gamer Dev Jam 2016

Thusus (SiegeSloth)

Michael (SiegeSloth)

Jack (SiegeSloth)

Brennan (Devika)

Annie (Devika)

Game-making Platforms – Suggestions (Advanced)

– Unity
– Unreal
– Game Maker
– Amazon Lumberyard (unlikely we will see this, its more a AAA engine)

Game-making Platforms – Suggestions (Beginner)

– Gamemaker
– Scratch
– Construct2
– RPG Maker

Tips for Game-making (Coders)