Judging Criteria for the $500 Overall ‘Best In Show’ Prize

Below is the key criteria that the judges of the ‘Best in show’ collaboration at Gamer Dev Jam will use to evaluate a team’s offering :-

Creative storyline – Based on the game concept is there a progressive or a static storyline?

Progressive – Does the story have a beginning and an end? Detail of overall objective/conflict.

Static – Is the game designed in a way to explain an objective or method of playing the game to the player?

Creative Design – Have character models been designed? Level of detail. World elements – Look of movable and static objects.

Technical Merit – How many aspects of your game have been brought to life during the event? Is there an overall design plan that was followed?

Potential for growth – Has the game been designed for growth via more levels or added storyline? Is there a possible market for the game type? Has there been enough planning to push the game development forward to possible production? Have you collaborated with others – particularly other specialists in high value disciplines?

Guideline Rules

You can have as many or as few members of the team as you like…but our preference is for collaborative efforts that seek to involve the core disciplines of coding, graphics, music and story.

Try your best, and be courteous to all other participants.

Collaborate and encourage.