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IntoIT Sapphire Coast has been active in the region for almost 8 years promoting tech, entrepreneurship and the potential of startup companies to transform the economy of the Bega Valley. This year sees a major step forward in this respect with IntoIT’s first ever AgTech-themed series of events as part of the Bega AgTech Days programme.

More on this later, but first up, here is a wrap-up of the topics in this newsletter :-

  • Details of the Bega AgTech Days Programme (March 28th and 29th)
  • The Bega Valley Incubator Support Bid
  • AgriHack in Wagga Wagga on March 1st and 2nd – warm up for Bega AgTech Days
  • IntoIT Sapphire Coast now using Meetup for Code Nights, Synth Club Meets and other tech gatherings – join now!

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Bega Ag Tech Days (March 28th and 29th)

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While the Agriculture sector has been transformed over many millenia by adoption of new inventions and farming techniques, recent advances in communications, robotics and data analysis suggest the sector is in the midst of a more rapid reinvention than ever before. Given the vital role agriculture plays in the economic well-being of the Bega Valley, the time has surely come for the community to heighten its awareness of the impact that new and disruptive AgTech is having currently, and into the future. The IntoIT Sapphire Coast team is delighted to announce the staging of the Bega AgTech Days in late March, which will explore the following themes :-

  • AgTech Lean Canvas fast-growth startup strategies
  • CSIRO funding opportunities
  • Introductions to new AgTech Startups
  • Networking functions with highly informed sector leaders
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Food Security using smart trade-marks
  • Application of ‘The Internet of Things’ to farming

It will make for an exceptionally interesting few days in the beautiful Bega Valley and all are welcome to attend. For more info about the Bega AgTech Days, please visit

For more information and to book now

The Bega Valley Incubator Support Bid
(with iAccelerate)

Much energy last year was spent on efforts to build a long-term sustainable Innovation Hub in the Bega Valley that would endeavour to seed a strong startup culture in the region, and lead to the formation of fast-growth scalable companies that could contribute significantly to the overall economic well being of the shire and nearby regions. Federal funding of the infrastructure and skilled practitioners needed to build the proposed hub was potentially available, were the bid to be successful.

The working group behind this project, the Bega Valley Innovation Taskforce, continues its efforts to compile the bid documentation necessary to hopefully present strong arguments to the funding review team and a candidate bid is earmarked for submission in the months ahead.

To date, the bid has received strong support from a number of key stakeholders within the Bega Valley Shire, as well as the highly-regarded iAccelerate group operating out of Wollongong.


Hack the farm – at the Wagga Wagga Agrihack
event March 1st and 2nd

From the same team behind the incredible Regional Pitchfest, and Hackathons Australia, comes Agrihack 2018. Led by the inimitable Dianna Somerville and Angela Bee Chan, Agrihack promises to be a standout tech event, and offers further evidence that Regional Australia can code with the best of them. Three challenges have been announced thus far directing participants to consider solutions for Grain Storage, Poultry Weight Measurement and Farm Succession Planning.

Hackers, hipsters and hustlers from the Bega Valley are encouraged to make the trip. For full details, visit

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Hackers, hipsters and hustlers from the Bega Valley are encouraged to make the trip. For full details, visit

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Other News and Activities :-

Code Night at CoWS Near The Coast Digital Co-Working Space (Bega) – first Thursday of every month – next event March 1st.

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