Are you Computer Confident? Many people are not…can we help them?

The Computer Confident website was created to deliver ‘simple, affordable, computer confidence’ especially for Seniors.

There is a group of people within our community who did not grow up with computer technology. We identified a ‘generational gap’, which we addressed by offering personalised support in a variety of formats – over the phone, email / net support, in-home support and workshop tuition.

Our tagline was ‘No question too small’.

Although the site was designed for educational purposes, early feedback on the site, from interested observers, highlighted the need for and value of the idea.

Our team was: Kylie, Gail, Karen, Sarah, Chris and Fabian.

To visit Computer Confident draft website visit

computer confident!

We were thankful for the opportunity to showcase our website at the Industry Luncheon at TAFE Bega 2011. You can view our presentation here.


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