Latest Newsletter- Announcing Bega Valley Innovation Week including the SeaChange StartUp Camp

Newsletter circulated 1st March 2016:

Big news on the tech and startup ecosystem that is forming in far south coast NSW. Topics in this newsletter :-

  • Bega Valley Innovation Week(includes StartUp Camp)
  • Pi Day
  • CoWS goes ‘multi-bar’
  • Bega Valley Shire Council’s digital economic strategy gets moving
  • Code Night and ‘Coffee, Cake, Computers (Women in Technology)’ events
  • Eurobodalla Digital Network formation

Bega Valley Innovation Week (includes StartUp Camp) – Wed 27 April to Tues 3 May


Bega Valley is set to hit an innovation high point in 2016 that proves once again that you don’t have to live in a big city to be part of Australia’s ideas boom nor to help progress scientific and creative advancement. Bega Valley Innovation Week will run from Wednesday 27 April to Tuesday 3 May with events covering a broad range of science, engineering, computing and IT themes. Planned events include :-

  • The SeaChange Startup Camp – our 5th year of the SeaChange StartUp Camp. To book click here.
  • Hackagong Bega – Wollongong’s famous hackathon comes to Bega. To book click here.
  • Co-Founder Speed Dating – StartUps often need two brains – find the perfect business partner FAST! To book click here.
  • Questacon Expo – workshops and exhibits in a fun science and technology learning environment. To book click here.
  • The Future of Code – senior software engineers discuss latest trends. To book click here.
  • Regional Technology Decision-makers Forum – corporate and government experts discuss technology in a regional context. To book click here.
  • Engineering Day – Engineering professionals gather to network and celebrate local engineering accomplishments. Details to be announced shortly!
  • Venture Launch Day at the Uni – 10 new ventures launched in one incredible day at the University of Wollongong Bega Campus.To book click here.

All the details – times, locations, everything can be easily accessed at our dedicated web-page
Promote via the Poster – At the website (, a poster is available to download – please pop a poster up at your workplace or local community venue.
We’ll get back to you with more details and updates in a about a month’s time…but if you want to keep abreast of things…please join the IntoIT Sapphire Coast Google Group –

Or get in touch on with any questions.

A big thank you to our partners, sponsors and cooperating groups :-

  • Lighthouse Innovation – visit here.
  • Bega Valley Shire Council – visit here.
  • University of Wollongong Bega Campus – visit here.
  • Department of Industry and Investment – visit here.
  • Bega District News – visit here.
  • Hackagong – visit here.
  • Questacon – visit here.
  • Inspiring Australia – visit here.

Pi Day (14th March) – celebrate 3.142 approx. at CoWS Near The Coast

Maths-lovers, lovers of circles, lovers of the fundamentals of the universe….this is your day. Pi Day is celebrated the world over, but in a first for the Bega Valley, we plan to mark the occasion in our own inimitable style…at CoWS Near The Coast.
Why? Because we want to promote a love and appreciation of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in our region – these are, we believe, the four cornerstones of an innovative economy, and jobs for our community. Planned activities for this special evening include :-

  • Synthesiser Music performance ‘Sound and vision for dystopian meditation’ (Scott Baker aka Abre Ojos – visit
  • Original Pi Music composition (Chris Korvin)
  • Pi Poem recitation (Karl Auer)

The activities kick off at 6PM, 14th March, at CoWS Near The Coast, 209 Carp St, Bega.

CoWS to go ‘multi-bar’ –  welcome all creatives

The wonderful CoWS Near The Coast Digital co-working space has been a huge success story for growing tech and startup activity in the Bega Valley. The CoWS team seek to increase the level of interaction between creative/artistic people and local technologists/entrepreneurs. Towards this, we plan to add 4 discrete features (‘bars’) to the space which we are busily building at the moment – we expect to get all of this ready in time for Bega Valley Innovation Week. Drop in sometime if you want to check things out.

  • Graphics/Film/Game bar – 2 high-powered systems to allow people to prep high quality graphics material, edit movies, and/or develop games (e.g. via the Unreal Engine)
  • Audio ‘Synth’ Station – Muso or Maker…make your own audio gear…and play!!!
  • Coding Bar – 2 high performance systems to allow peer programming and other intensive code learning and improvement activities
  • 3D Bar – pop in, model something, and 3D print it.

These facilities have been partly enabled by a grant from FRRR (Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal) through the sponsorship of the ANZ bank.

Bega Valley Shire Council promoting digital economic development

It is heartening to see Bega Valley Shire Council indicate support for some of the ideas espoused by IntoIT. Although the challenges are many, Bega Valley Shire Council’s appointment of a new Economic Development officer, Shane O’Leary, in October 2015, following the publication of it’s much anticipated Economic Development Strategy document, is a very welcome move.
A blog discussion of the document, including a downloadable electronic copy of it, can be found here. It is well worth reading and signals good times ahead.
And there’s more…Scott Baker and the team at the BVSC Library are running regular tech and coding events covering stop-animation, minecraft, synthesiser workshops and the Bermagui Coding Nights(visit – EventBrite Let’s all support our local libraries and the enormous value they provide to our community.

Other News and Activities :-

Code Night at CoWS Near The Coast Digital Co-Working Space (Bega) – first Thursday of every month – next event March 3rd.

Our regular Coding Nights are an enormous success – February’s in particular was a real ‘buzz’ soldering together a P6 synthesiser board. Everything from the Unreal 3D Modelling Engine and Mindstorm Robots to complex WordPress CRM integrations, Scratch and Clojure functional programming. For more details visit

Cofee, Cake, Computers (Women in Technology) at CoWS Near The Coast Digital Co-Working Space (Bega) – first Tuesday of every month – next event March 1st.

Another amazing monthly activity – encouraging female participation in technology, organised by Amanda Dalziel. For more details visit

Eurobodalla joins the party – a technology network and co-working space soon

Congratulations to Sarah Cooper at Eurobodalla Council, and Mal Lee and Sue Lowe at Broulee Public School for kicking off a tech network amongst our nearby neighbours. This is a wonderful development – please join their Google Group here.


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