Building a startup: Can government really help?

Jobs For NSW Sponsoring Bega AgTech Days

Wed 28th March – TIME 3.30-4pm | Free event | Bega Cheese Heritage Centre

To register : visit

On the Far South Coast/NSW, as part of the Bega AgTech Days programme:

Featuring Chris Celovic, Agtech Cluster Champion at Jobs for NSW 

Between the Federal and NSW governments, there’s a wealth of resources for entrepreneurial businesses in Australia, including grants, loans, accelerators, tax rebates, and landing pads.

But if you’re a busy founder, it’s hard to allocate time to research the options and figure out where to spend your effort applying – so let our Funding Roadmap be a guide.

We’ll also touch on the opportunities for regional businesses at the newly opened Sydney Startup Hub, including how you can connect with other entrepreneurs and access dedicated desk space at the Regional Landing Pad on your visits to Sydney.

Join us as we summarise the major government-led programs available to NSW startups and SMEs, and explore how you can tap into the broader metro startup community.

Jobs for NSW is a NSW Government agency providing grants, loans and loan guarantees to help innovative businesses thrive and create new jobs in NSW.



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