Connecting Tutors – a great business idea from Mitchell Harmer

On the weekend I was privileged to attend the IntoIT Sapphire Coast Startup Camp at the picturesque Pambula Beach Surf Life Saving Club. It was a great opportunity to meet likeminded innovative individuals with the chance of collaborating on some marvelous business ideas.

A gem of the weekend was the chance to present a “Lightening Pitch” to a panel of business people and investors. The organisers’ idea behind this opportunity was to allow individuals who came to the weekend with a business idea in mind, and did not get the chance to develop it amongst the teams, to present a 90 second ‘Lightening Pitch’ to the panel.

My Lightening Pitch was TutorHub, formerly known as Tutorbook, which quite possibly will be released to the market under a completely different name. Indecision aside, Tutorhub is an online directory that connects tutors with pupils. The online aspect facilitates a medium so that pupils have the chance to organise and filter potential tutors in order to find one whom they can form a relationship with, and one who will suit their individual needs.

It is the end goal of Tutorhub to drive innovation in the Supplemented Education Industry by diversifying from traditional methods of finding a tutor. Tutors traditionally had to post fliers on message boards, or join a Tutor Agency, in order to find clients. Tutorhub will allow tutors to advertise on a one-stop website to find students. The added benefit for students is that they can easily compare tutors, allowing them to choose for themselves rather than traditionally having one assigned to them by a Tutor Agency.

The overarching benefits of Tutorhub, for both the tutor and student, lie in the fact that Tutors are required to be competitive by differentiating themselves from others. This is not only achieved through price (as the market will ultimately determine this according to other aspects) but in skills, self-presentation, locality, availability and willingness to support their clients. The goal of Tutorhub is to encourage tutors to become innovative within their industry, not by diverging from curriculum, but rather their attitude towards supplemented education.

Tutorhub will also assist tutors in achieving this through ongoing support. Be it advice on personal marketing on the site, or other methods devised in collaboration with tutors, as well as other products offered to assist them.

Tutorhub credits its current direction to the effort put in by the organisers of Sea-change Start Up Camp Merimbula (SSUCM) and all individuals involved in the weekend. If you are thinking about coming along to an event in the future, do not hesitate. You will be welcomed by a great group of people who sincerely want to help you wherever they can.

If you would like to contact Mitchell Harmer, he can be reached via email at

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