Inaugural IntoIT Web Guild Meeting – June 14th 2012

From little things, big things grow, and the inaugural intoIT Web Guild meeting was a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the experts in the world of the wonderful web.

The evening was kicked off by Liam O’Duibhir (tripleAcs), who spoke about a 20 year vision to “drive entrepreneurship, technology and business” in this local area, through processes of getting stuff done, and ‘being the change you seek’. He then went on to elaborate on some of the possible “web candy” that can give your website a lift, including how to find it, develop it and implement it. A link to a pdf version of his presentation can be found here.

Libby Hepburn (Auswide Board) and Sarah James (Play – explore) then spoke about the possibility of an intoIT WordPress Users Group, to increase the wordpress skills of all interested parties and as a potential avenue for local businesses to take advantage of the marketing and business opportunities of the web, and called for input and suggestions from the group. A link to the presentation here.

Nigel Ayling (Solutions4Biz) got the crowd enthused about the possibility of forming a commercial collective, that would aim to bid for work outside the local area, and stimulate the business activities of interested web guild parties, in his engaging presentation “Commercialising the local skills base”. Thanks Nigel.

Darryl Butler (Itchybrain) proceeded to present a very interesting talk about artistic input into web design, outlining a process for designing on the web that mapped the process from “strategy” to “surface”, in his presentation “The role of Art in Websites”.

The two main speaking spots of the evening followed, with Carsten Eckelmann (tripleAcs) speaking about “Dynamic Websites for Business”, which was a very professional look at breaking through ‘the wall’ of current web technologies, and what sophisticated and cutting edge technologies, are allowing us to envision for the future. His presentation can be found here.

Ian McKinn (Lynbear Business Consulting) was the final presenter of the evening and gave a fascinating talk about the potential threats lurking on the web, and how to ensure that individuals and businesses safeguard from these threats. He went into more detail regarding what businesses can do to protect their websites. A link to his presentation can be found here.


Following the presentations, we took the opportunity to network, socialise and discuss ideas. It was a truly enriching event, for everyone involved, from newbies to advanced techies, and we look forward to the next installment.

The next intoIT Web Guild meeting is planned for 14th October 2012, promising more tools to illustrate how local businesses can get on and thrive on the web, a further look at the use of art in websites, and an investigation into free tools for use on the web, as well as other topics by your request.

See you then!

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