MEDIA RELEASE: Regional Innovation Week welcomes Ed Husic (Fri 29th April)

Flyer for Ed Husic PanelAfter championing the importance of innovation in regional communities as part of the Federal Opposition team, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Assisting with Digital Innovation and Start-ups Ed Husic is coming to the Bega Valley to support Regional Innovation Week.

On the ABC’s Q&A last month, Mr Husic made it clear that regional Australia offers great innovative “I feel strongly about the fact that we need to advance our efforts to involve regional areas,” Mr Husic told the Q&A audience.

“We can use innovation to create jobs and growth opportunities as our economy transitions to a digital age.”

During his visit Mr Husic will outline three waves of Labor policy aimed at talented Australians no matter wherever they live.

“With two thirds of new startups currently emerging from Sydney, a greater focus needs to be placed on plans that involve the entire country,” Mr Husic says.

“Any conversation about boosting innovation activity in Australia that doesn’t involve Bega Valley isn’t a conversation worth having because it instantly overlooks the energy that is in this region.”

An innovation economy will allow young regional people to stay local –providing a livelihood, economic growth, and a creative environment that competes with what big cities have to offer.

“It’s this vision that drives Regional Innovation Week,” says Liam O’Duibhir, co-founder of 2pi Software and Into IT Sapphire Coast.

“We have this growing community of innovators that collaborate and support each other’s work, but Regional Innovation Week is about building future aspirations.”

“This natural landscape is a big part of why we are here, and now we need to add in the layers of technology and infrastructure that allows this innovation economy to grow further,” he says.

With the goal of creating 1000 innovation jobs in the Bega Valley by 2030, Regional Innovation Week pulls together the people and ideas that will make that happen.

As part of the program of events, Mr Husic will open the Co Working Space (CoWS) Creativity Suite on April 29 in the heart of Bega before speaking at the Hackathon in Merimbula.

Mr Husic and Labor’s candidate for Eden-Monaro Dr Mike Kelly will also be involved in a lunchtime panel discussion on innovation.

They’ll be joined by Innovation Week experts such as Anna Pino from the ACT Microcredit Loan and others.

Innovation is a key theme in the current economic and political climate, and Regional Innovation Week puts the Bega Valley on that agenda.

The panel discussion will be hosted on Friday 29th April at Club Bega commencing at noon.

For additional program details, please visit

Media contact (Husic): Kara Hinesley 0451 424 121

Media contact (Kelly): Robbie Rynehart 0478 731 219

Media contact (O’Duibhir): 0417 579 079

For further information or assistance, call Ian Campbell on 0417 482 171.

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