Networking – Your Key to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Gold (by Gabriel Machuret the ‘SEO Ninja’)

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[Intro and Edits by Liam O’Duibhir)]

Gabriel Machuret runs his SEO consultancy business with global reach from a small beachside town in Far South Coast NSW. Here he provides some helpful suggestions on improving traffic to your website.

It’s fair to say that the SEO landscape has changed considerably in the last year. Gone are the days of just chasing any old link, spammy links are not only useless, but can harm you now. Now is the time of the quality link.

The issue is, of course, how do you go about getting those high quality links. And the answer lies in a rather offline answer considering how online everything about SEO is. In networking.

Now no need to break out in a cold sweat. It going out there and meeting and greeting people is not your thing you don’t have to worry…networking online is not only very easy, but arguable far more effective.

But the concept is the same. Finding important people, making introductions, getting on their radar, building a relationship. Once that relationship is created you can leverage it into SEO juice.

A bit confused? Let me break it down into more SEO friendly ways.

How Networking is SEO Gold

So we know we need quality links to survive in this post Panda/Penguin (Editor Note – these refer to updates to the Google Search Algorithm) universe. That means we need to know how to get them, or, more specifically, who to get them off.  Think of the old adage, people don’t do business with business, people do business with people.

And that’s true here. You want links off high quality sites? Simply throwing up content and waiting is no longer enough. You need to reach out to them, make them aware of you, make them aware of your content.

Thankfully social networking sites, especially Twitter and Linkedin, are a great way of doing this. The key is not about building up a massive amount of followers, at least not in terms of getting quality backlinks. The key is using these sites to develop relationships with niche leaders.

The niche leaders will usually have blogs and sites of their own. Befriend them, show you are a knowledgeable person who is worth knowing, and they will naturally start linking to your content, because they now know and trust you.

Not only that but they influence the people that follow them. So not only are you likely getting links off the niche leaders, but also ‘me too’ blogs, and sites, and potentially even off forums and they discuss the posts from the niche influencers.

SEO is fast becoming not a ‘what you know’ business, but a ‘who you know’ one. Whilst finding niche influencers is easy, and befriending them is harder, it is well worth it – and likely far easier now than in 5 years time, when everyone will understand the SEO power of networking.

If you want more awesome tips from Australia’s favourite SEO professional, check Gabriel Machuret SEO Blog. Gabriel has been featured in websites like Mixergy, FlyingSolo, BizzBuzz and TelstraBusiness and loves to share SEO tips and strategies.

[Editor Note : There are a number of ‘pearls of wisdom’ shared in Gabriels Mixergy interview here –]

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