OneSAAS – The Missing Link

Congratulations! You have moved your business to the cloud. Gmail hosts your emails, ZohoCRM or SalesForce stores your business contacts. You send email newsletters to your customers via MailChimp or ConstantContact and all your invoicing and accounting is done through Xero.


This could be a happy place, where you don’t have to worry about computer hardware, servers, operating system licenses and updates. You are free from computer lingo and you don’t have to employ costly IT staff just to maintain your systems. You can concentrate fully on your business, on your customers.

Data Islands

Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work out that way. You want to send an email to a customer who is stored in your ZohoCRM, but Gmail doesn’t know his name nor email address, so you add him to the Gmail addressbook. You want to write an invoice in Xero to a customer whose details are stored in Salesforce, so you copy those details into Xero. After a while you realise that your move to the Cloud has spread your data across disconnected islands and you end up copying and pasting to pass basic information about your customers between these separate systems.

Enter Techie Hell

Of course you can export all of your ZohoCRM contacts as a CSV file and then import this to Xero, but this only works if you tweak it to the format that Xero wants, which is of course different to what MailChimp wants. You go deeper and deeper into Techie Hell as you fumble with field separators, double quotes and escaped characters. This is where you never wanted to be, this is what the Cloud should have saved you from.

The Missing Link

One service comes to your rescue and provides the missing link. OneSAAS has done the tedious work for you and can synchronise contacts, products, invoices, sales orders, notes and more between seemingly disconnected Cloud Services.

For example OneSAAS synchronises your Gmail addressbook with your ZohoCRM contacts and pushes relevant email addresses to MailChimp for an email campaign. Suddenly all your contacts are the same whether you work in Gmail, Zoho, Xero or MailChimp.

It seems that there is no way around integration services like OneSAAS. Why aren’t there more services like this? OneSAAS also proves that there is an emerging market in the Cloud space not just on the fringes, but as an enabling technology right in the middle of it all.

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  1. Roger Bunyan
    Roger Bunyan says:

    Excellent Carsten, cloud solutions are very fragmented and there needs to be some way of synchronising to make your solutions work.

    Advising and helping clients set up these types of services offers new opportunities for IT consultants – without the worry of supporting the software. I will be looking at OneSAAS more closely

  2. Nigel Ayling
    Nigel Ayling says:

    Very interesting service. One thing to consider though is that some of those services can be intergrated anyway. For instance Zoho can be intergrated with Quick Books, runs email marketing templates and can include Gmail contacts. It really is a matter of looking into what you want to achieve before you set down one path and find out that it is the wrong one

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    If anyone’s interested in exporting Highrise contacts to Mailchimp with Onesaas….unfortunately if you’re hoping to do this the right way, Onesaas doesn’t allow you to export Highrise tags into Mailchimp groups (organising contacts into one list with multiple groups is recommended by Mailchimp for my setup. However all that Onesaas can currently do is export contacts into multiple lists, which is not recommended by Mailchimp – see

    This is holding me back from using this promising service. The world definitely needs a service like Onesaas, but at the time of writing, their Highrise-Mailchimp contacts integration isn’t quite there and lets it down. Here’s hoping that they’ll add a Mailchimp groups feature soon. Does anyone know of any alternative services that sync Highrise with Mailchimp?

  4. Jeff Perlman
    Jeff Perlman says:

    OneSaas has upgraded its MailChimp integration: You can now synchronize Tags with MailChimp groups. This feature was highly requested especially for HighRise to MailChimp integrations. This is available in a fixed format between Tag: GroupName:Value that is mapped to Value from Group Name in MailChimp — in the future, we will add the ability to let the user customize these mappings even more

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