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Pods is a WordPress Plugin allowing authors to create Custom Content Types, ie: instead of being limited to Pages and Posts. Where would you use Pods? Well… say you wanted to create an online store selling surfboards. Pods would allow you to create a content type called eg: ‘Surfboard’ and define all the properties (fields) for a surfboard (eg: dimensions, age, type, composition, colour, price, photo etc), and you can use the powerful Pods php API to build Pages and Templates to create, read (list), update and delete (CRUD) surfboards. You could then attach an E-Commerce plugin (or indeed build one with Pods!) to allow customers to view and order surfboards.. Pretty Cool huh!

I have create a video tutorial on how to get started with Pods, using a Skills Registry (which we are building on this site) as an example. Enjoy!  🙂

Session 1 – Intro And Creating Pods

Session 2 – Creating Templates And Pages

Session 3 – Creating Add And EditForms

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