‘See Yourself in a New Life’ – campaign to attract cityfolk to the coast and/or country

The launch of the ‘See Yourself in a New Life’ campaign is very relevant to IntoIT (see below for link).

With it’s strong focus on driving technology, entrepreneurship and business in our region, the IntoIT group comprises many city exiles who have made the switch to coastal and/or rural living.

And although I can’t speak for all…the general impression I get, after the initial struggles are dealt with, and hopefully overcome, is that it is a positive change for most.

Many of the IntoIT sea-changers and tree-changers have brought their tech skills and passion with them to the area ,  and infused the region with new ideas – for example, the Cloud Computing presentation given in November (refer http://www.intoitsapphirecoast.com/2011/12/31/presentations-given-at-cloud-computing-event-nov-2011/).

These types of events, and others planned for this year (Start Up Camp, Web Guild formation, iPhone App Development) should encourage others of a similar background to consider moving to the Sapphire Coast…especially those keen to network with their fellow professionals and enthusiasts.

A bit like Australia’s skill migration programme…those with Tech, Entrepreneurial and/or Business flair are ‘highly sought after’. It is to be encouraged…the more the merrier…I have no doubt an influx of geeks gurus and go-getters will have, over time, a strong positive economic impact.

It appears that the NSW Government is doing it’s bit too…check out the ‘‘See Yourself in a New Life’ campaign –  www.newlifensw.com.au

Liam O’Duibhir




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  1. Nigel Ayling
    Nigel Ayling says:

    This is a great initative and one that I hope works. We all know the Sapphire Coast (Bega Valley) is a great place to live and work and that is why we are here. Like me, many people have left the big city with the big mortgage and the 50 hour weeks to come to a place where the lifestyle takes preference. Most of us have found work doing what we love doing. Sure you will probably have to take a pay cut, but you don’t need the same amount of money to live on. You can sell your 3 bedroom family home in the suburbs and end up with a new house with water views and a walk to the beach. Whilst the price or petrol might be higher, the cost of insurance is lower due to the lower theft rates. Because crime is less prevelant you won’t have a problem letting your kids walk to school, and the schools even take the kids to the beach on a hot day. Depending on where you move to you won’t have to give up much of your city luxuries either. The Sapphire Coast has national retailers, movie cinemas, quality restaurants, great seafood, good coffee, 5 golf courses, art gallaries galore and of course some of the best beaches and water ways in the country. To me, it is not a question of why would you live here, it is more why wouldn’t you. I know I won’t be going back.

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