Electronic Music Synthesiser Build-em and Play-em Workshop at Library

This was one of the funnest days ever for our IntoIT Community. We came in a bit on the coat-tails of Bega Valley Shire Library…Scott Baker did all the hard work and promotion, and, down from Moruya, we had the inimitable Derek Crannford being the synth-master…and guru on everything from Arduino function to encouragements to make music that connects to you…whether conformant to popular harmonic-based theories about quality or not.
The emphasis with this workshop was to see what we could make…for the lowest cost possible. The Arduino boards we used, linked breakout boards, Mozzi Libraries, wires, battery and controllers cost no more than $35. Much of the gear was open source (thanks to all of those respective communities too). Perfect!
While the sound generated may not have been CD quality, it was ours…and Chris Korvin, Adam Buckley and Scott Baker gave us some terrific impromtu performances.
Things tried :-
  • Light sensitive resistor inputs to give sound variations
  • Potentiometer and switch arrays to alter the sound patters
  • Use of a graphite strip on cardboard to demonstrate the effect of the length of a resistor to the signal detected
  • Use of the human body as a resistor to generate a signal
Laptops were hooked up to the Arduinos to make on the fly code modifications of the Mozzi ‘sketches’…for the really adventurous.
Next workshop…we might look in more detail at the sketch code, and link the systems up to low-cost midi keyboards. If we hook up a multi-tracker…we might get something nice to put up on Soundcloud.
The group who attended was about half-muso, half-tech…this is a great metric…as we really need both communities to get this going.
Everyone who participated is now on the CoWS synth Club collaborative cloud project…so anyone reading this who wants to join…please get in touch.
Thanks again to Scott and Derek for their huge efforts.
 Here’s some photos :

Adam’s cool drum kit

Synth Group

The Gang busy experimenting

Hooking up a Pot

Hooking up a potentiometer

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