Triple-Finger Double-Tap iPhone trap

Recently I looked at my trusty iPhone4 and noticed the home interface now appeared as supersized icons, and revealed only a small portion of the area I was used to seeing. Huh?

Swiping the screen created more confusion since the swipe would only work in the horizontal axis. Hmmphh.

Befuddled, I clicked the power button for standby mode, clicked again to wake it up, and after poking away at the screen I started to feel weirded-out; my ‘slide to unlock’ element was out of view/off the screen area, and no amount of swiping worked. I repeated variations of all the above, tried to shutdown the phone, but (of course I should have learnt by now) the ‘slide to power off’ slider was out of view! Even a forced restart was deactivated…madness, I thought, feeling stuck.

Since I was out-n-about I had no other phone access, but also no trusty Google search to find out what this was all about. For two whole hours I was sans-electro-contact, which might have been liberating except I had a zillion things to do before a meeting in approximately 2 hours. To make matters worse, do you think I could still see the time on the phone?!

Usually pretty non-plussed by gadgets, I was suddenly feeling desperate and dependent. Luckily my meeting was with cyborg Liam O’Duibhir, who respected my dilemma, quickly Googled away and found the proverbial light.

A little-known accessibility aid (curiously mind-bending upon first attempt) is to double-tap the screen with three fingers at once. This remarkable feat of dexterity makes the screen view ‘zoom in and out’ with repeated tapping. Strangely it also disables all kinds of other things, which—as you may have noticed by now—almost had me reaching for a box of tissues.

Always on the lookout for an IT story, Liam supplied me with this OMG tip in exchange for a write-up in IntoIT 🙂 So there’s my story of a rare accessibility aid that ironically rendered my phone inaccessible to me—hence my Triple-Finger Double-Tap trap.

In case you’re wondering—yes, I sometimes lie awake at night wondering how did I even manage the sheer skill to pull off a completely unintentional Triple-Finger Double-Tap? Perhaps my iPhone knows, it seems to track everything else about me 😉

So thank you Liam, thank you Google, thank you iPhone, thank you Big Brother, I love you all.

[ The page found by Liam  ]

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