2nd intoIT WordPress User Group Meeting will be swell! Stay tuned!

We will aim to hold IWUG II on Friday 23.11.2012 at 5.30 pm, at Auswide.
As always we would love to see you there.

Take care!! 😀 


The following topics will be included in the bill:


We will be discussing pods, which are a plugin (plugins are small pieces of software, written in PHP, which create added functionality within your site), designed to allow you “to add context to content. Forget managing all of your content through simple posts and categories – you can assign Pods their own menu item with one easy click.” – Pods Framework website, reference here.

Travis will be presenting a tutorial about these pods, and showing us what he has been able to achieve, using them in wordpress. He has recently been using ‘pods’ to develop our Skills Registry, here on the IntoIT WordPress site, and has made a lot of progress so far.


Then Carsten will be discussing [shortcodes] – which are small pieces of information, which can easily translate a function into your wordpress site, using an abbreviated ‘form’ of the code. If you imagine a [shortcode] as a ‘reference’ to a larger piece of code, that refers to this block of code, and then creates the specific functionality within a wordpress site.

Sounds interesting?

Child Themes

Finally, Darryl will be discussing ‘Child Themes!’ 🙂 These ‘themes’ are separate to the actual themes that you see on your wordpress site on the top level, and allow you to manage PHP and FTP without mangling the top (visible) layer of your site. (I am looking forward to learning more about this, my facts/details might not be altogether straight here!)

They also allow you to process those ‘scary updates’ such as ‘theme updates’ without over writing the CSS that you have composed to give your site its ‘look and feel’. I think it is right.

We would love it if you could join us!

The best thing about the IWUG group, is that it is just a small group of people who are sincerely interested in everything wordpress. We will chat, ask questions, discuss, and enjoy each others company!

So if you think that wordpress might have something to offer ‘you’ in your business, or you are interested in learning more about this infinitely flexible web development CMS, then, please, come along!

See you there! :

5.30 pm Auswide 25th OCtober 2012.

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