Ashley Hoye

Ash’s Work Experience

Ashley Hoye came to CoWS for a week from the 30th November to the 4th December to complete Work Experience with the team at 2pi Software.

“It was good,” says Ashley “I learnt lots about coding and different programming languages.”

The team at 2Pi software including Liam, Carsten, Issac, Adam, Ged and Amanda really enjoyed her company throughout the week and hope she continues learning more about the industry and developing her own programmes.

“It was an absolute pleasure to have her here,” says Carsten, co-owner of 2Pi Software, “Her enthusiasm and ability has set a shining example for any work experience student who will be with us in the future.”

Below is a sample of the work she accomplished throughout the week:

Fibonacci Sunflower

Visual representative of the mathematical sequence – which results in a spiral. The original algorithm was written in Turbo Pascal and had to be “translated” into Javascript and then drawn dynamically on a HTML canvas object.


I Spy Game


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    1. Amanda Dalziel
      Amanda Dalziel says:

      7.584 seconds!

      Congratulations Ashley! Very well done. I look forward to seeing you at the code nights and other IntoIT events.

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